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The Assistant Teacher (AT) is the primary support person in the classroom and works under the direction of the Teacher(s) or Teacher Family Advocate(s). The AT's core responsibilities are:

  • ensuring the health and safety of all children in the classroom,
  • giving feedback on classroom functioning and success of planned activities,
  • providing input into classroom curriculum planning, classroom set-up and its management,
  • implementing individual child educational programming as directed by the Teacher,
  • preparing curriculum materials,
  • setting-up, taking down and cleaning up the classroom and materials,
  • executing classroom snack and meal service,
  • working with children individually in both small and large groups, and
  • upholding SCHS/EHS policies, protocols and procedures.

  • In the absence of the Teacher, the AT assumes classroom leadership and management responsibilities in executing the planned curriculum, implementing the established classroom schedule and routine, supervising children and directing Aides and volunteers.

    The Assistant Teacher must be able to assist children in developing skills appropriate to that age range, including toileting, language, self-help, self-control and social skills; and to be able to implement age-appropriate routines, transitions, and activities.

    Under the general direction of the Teacher, the Assistant Teacher
  • assists in
    • establishing, monitoring and maintaining a safe and healthy classroom learning environment;
    • planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets children's individual physical, intellectual, language, literacy, creative, self-identity, and social/emotional needs;
    • providing a variety of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information between home and school; and,
    • providing leadership to the classroom education team.
  • is a member of the Center's (classroom) Direct Services Team with the morning and afternoon Teachers or Teacher Family Advocates and the Family Advocate
  • records anecdotal observations, conducts screenings and assessments according to standardized instructions, and,as directed, maintains paper and electronic documentation and records.

  • Consistent education staff attendance is integral to the success of the classroom experience for both children and families, essential for children's learning continuity and preparedness for kindergarten. As such, punctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position. It is the expectation of SCHS that Education staff maintain at least a 95% attendance rate throughout the school year.

    Typical Responsibilities

    Children's Education and Disabilities

    Under the direction of the Teacher or Teacher Family Advocate:
  • Establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Train and direct staff and volunteers to implement procedures related to health, safety and active supervision.
  • Assure that classroom materials and equipment are in good condition and promote good health, nutrition and personal safety.
  • Implement standardized developmental and behavioral screenings.
  • Observe children's behavior and development and contribute feedback to support individualized planning for children and for the classroom group.
  • Prepare the classroom environment to meet the health, safety, and education needs of each child.
  • Provide positive guidance and discipline to support children's social-emotional development.
  • Utilize age-appropriate strategies to build and strengthen children's social, physical, cognitive, language and literacy development.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of individual children and the needs of the group.
  • Provide first and and/or CPR; administer medications as directed.

  • Family Engagement
    Under the direction of the Teacher or Teacher Family Advocate:
  • Greet parents; train parents to classroom rules, routines, and behavior expectations.
  • Provide direction, feedback and encouragement for volunteering in the classroom.
  • Work cooperatively with other program staff to support parent involvement in their child's education and in the program.

  • Communication and Recordkeeping
  • Write objective anecdotal observations and share them with the Teacher or Teacher Family Advocate.
  • Complete injury/illness reports.
  • Complete attendance and meal count records.
  • Communicate via email and phone.
  • Assure continuous and timely flow of verbal and written information to and from other staff, supervisor, program participants and community.
  • Conduct all communication with staff, supervisor, program participant's and community in an effective, respectful, timely and supportive manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of program, staff and client information.

  • Supervision and Professional Development
  • In the absence of the Teacher, assign, coordinate, train and direct the work of the Teacher Aide, on-call staff, volunteers and interns. Provide feedback and correction in a professional manner.
  • Contribute to the work task review for hourly staff assigned to the classroom.
  • Participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of own professional development plan.
  • Demonstrate proficient skills as measured by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) of no less than 6.0 in Emotional Support; 6.0 in Classroom Organization; and 4.0 in Instructional Support.

  • Other
  • Participate in periodic meetings or conferences with parents and/or other staff to address and plan for meeting needs of enrolled children and families.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

  • :

    Knowledge of:
  • Principles of child development and implementing early childhood curriculum.
  • Current best practices in early childhood development and education; developmentally appropriate best practices in early childhood programs, including: literacy and language development for dual language learners; classroom management, emotional support, and instructional support.
  • Strategies to ensure active supervision, safety and health in the classroom.
  • Principles of cultural competence.
  • Basic rules and principles of grammar, written and verbal communication, and mathematics.

  • Ability to:
  • Under the direction of the Teacher or Teacher Family Advocate
  • Accept direction, request clarification and feedback.
  • Observe children and write objective anecdotal information about their skills and development.Use age-appropriate strategies to communicate with and productively engage children in classroom activities; and manage behavior.
  • Prepare and maintain a healthy, safe, and learning-rich classroom environment.
  • Establish helping relationships with children and families from diverse cultural, socio-economic, linguistic, and educational backgrounds.
  • Work cooperatively with staff and clients from diverse cultural, socio-economic, linguistic, and educational backgrounds.
  • Set-up a preschool classroom; move child size furniture, tables, chairs, shelves, and regular sized shelving unit; and classroom materials and supplies.
  • Maintain the safety of the environment and children through visual, auditory, verbal, mobility and smell.
  • In order to assure the safety of each child, an employee in this position, while in the presence of children, must remain alert and focused at all times and make quick and spontaneous decisions using problem-solving skills and good judgment based on organizational policies and procedures.
  • Implement classroom systems and strategies to ensure that children are supervised at all times by keeping them within visual and auditory range, accounting for their whereabouts at all times, and ensuring that no child is ever left alone or unsupervised.Perform regular sanitation/cleaning of the classroom that may require the use of a broom, carpet sweeper, mop, vacuum, and the use of cleaning products.
  • In the absence of the Teacher or Teacher Parent Specialist, assign and direct the work of Teacher Aides, on-call staff, volunteers and interns; provide both corrective and positive feedback, and develop their skills.
  • Use effective problem-solving or conflict resolution strategies with children and staff.
  • Organize time and tasks to meet deadlines.Demonstrate professional and effective written and verbal communication skills; receive information and feedback in an understanding manner; use good judgement.
  • Participate in meetings and trainings; further the learning and work of the program by contributing positively and professionally to a collegial adult learning environment.
  • Exhibit punctuality and consistent attendance; maintain at least a 95% attendance rate throughout the year.


    Under the direction of the Teacher or Teacher Family Advocate, the Assistant Teacher must be able to perform the following essential functions under the environmental conditions outlined below:
  • Work with children requiring the ability to walk or run quickly, kneel or sit on the floor, lift approximately 60 pounds (only on an emergency, as-needed basis), sit in a child's size chair, ride on a bus, and move quickly from multiple positions and levels.
  • Instruct children in a classroom setting.
  • Observe, compare, or monitor data and children's behavior to determine compliance with other prescribed standards
  • Report to work on a regular basis, as scheduled.
  • Function as an effective team member with co-workers, parents, and the community.
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Comprehend and make inferences from written material.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the college and program's mission, values, policies, protocols and procedures in the performance of daily duties.
  • Continue to increase professional knowledge, skills, and competencies in job-related areas; incorporate and demonstrate new knowledge and skills on the job.
  • Attend or participate in meetings and local or out-of-town training as assigned.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and conduct.
  • Accept responsibility for seeking assistance and guidance when needed; incorporate constructive direction from supervisor to improve job performance.
  • Accept responsibility for the quality of job performance and make changes as needed.
  • Communicate in English (both orally and in writing) at a professional level with staff, parent, children, and community service providers, providing grammatically correct and content appropriate information.
  • Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.
  • Operate a PC computer accurately inputting data and statistics into established spreadsheet, database and word processing programs and TS Gold website; maintain required documentation, record-keeping and tracking systems.
  • Operate other electronic equipment, such as a cell phone, tablet PC and video camera
  • Use established databases, spreadsheet and/or word processing programs; generate documents and reports; and use e-mail system.
  • Exhibit punctuality and consistent attendance (no less than 95% attendance). This is an essential function of this position.

  • Qualifications:


    1. In the last five years, worked a minimum of one year as the second adult in a preschool classroom
    2. In the last five years, earned 15 college credits in early childhood education, child growth and development, early learning and/or pre-k special education (evidence must be included at the time of application)
    3. Must hold a high school diploma or GED
    4. Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Ability to hold an adult-level conversation in Spanish.
  • CDA or AA in ECE or three years as an Assistant Teacher in a preschool classroom.
  • Experience in documentation and record keeping.

  • Additional Information:

    Hiring for this position is on the condition that the following requirements will be met:

    Prior to job offer :
    • Signed statement declaring any involvement in child abuse or neglect charges, violent crimes or job-related felony convictions.
    • Signed statement requesting Criminal History information.
    • Complete Spanish proficiency exam with a score equivalent to the minimum requirements for this position.
    Before Starting Work :
    • Paperwork indicating negative TB Test or clear chest x-ray
    • Proof of Tdap (Pertussis) vaccination
    • Submit to fingerprint background check.
    • Present or obtain a Food Worker Card from Snohomish County Health District.
    Within three days of hire :
    • Submit proof of US Citizenship or ability to work in US (must show original social security or Alien Registration Card/Work Permit, as well as one piece of picture identification).
    • Completion of all pertinent personnel/payroll forms.
    Within two weeks of hire :
    • Completion of state mandated compliance trainings: State Ethics, Diversity Basics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and FERPA
    • Completion of the following Head Start mandated trainings: Blood borne Pathogens, Child Abuse/Neglect, and Confidentiality, and SCHS & EHS Professional Expectations/Standards and Edmonds Community College's policy 6.5.600 Work Place Civility and Respect
    • Begin Hepatitis B vaccination series
    Within 30 days of hire :
    • Applicant must provide verification of earned college credits in the form of official transcripts.
    Within 60 days of hire :
    • Signed statement by a health provider that the employee is free from communicable diseases and physically able to perform job responsibilities.
    • Receipt of Fingerprint Criminal History report free of position related criminal convictions.
    • Completion of Head Start in-house Blood borne Pathogens/Exposure Control Training
    Within 6 months of hire:
    • Obtain pediatric/adult 1st Aid/CPR certification (must be maintained in current status)
    Conditions of continued employment:
    • Within one year of hire must earn a child development associate (CDA) credential (must be kept in current status), then enroll in a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree, if the candidate does not have an AA/ATA in ECE or same/similar two year degree.
    • Successfully complete a nine-month probationary period.
    Educational requirements
    If the candidate does not have an AA/ATA in ECE or same/similar two year degree, then within 1 year of hire, must earn a child development associate (CDA) credential (must be kept in current status), then enroll in a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree.

    Edmonds Community College-Snohomish County Head Start is an equal opportunity employer and operates under an affirmative action plan. Supplemental certification is utilized for positions that show underutilization of protected groups. Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with the recruitment process may call (425) 712-9000 ext. 4502 and accommodations will be made to the extent reasonably possible. The Snohomish County Head Start office is accessible to persons with disabilities. ... Learn More

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